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Well now, you see this is a blog that was supposed to be written around 6 hours ago just after we landed to give you an overall impression of whats happened so far ..however that would be far too easy as you'll soon find out (ooh my intermediate school english teacher would be so proud of me now for building suspense!!!!)

We landed in KL at the "low cost carrier terminal", which is a rather interesting experience in itself. Imagine a giant carpark full of planes with sets of stairs (most likely around 60 planes all parked back to back) (ahh a visualisation...extra points) So we went on this massive chase to find this elusive 'terminal' which in fact turned out to be little more than a glorified bus shelter. And oh what a tour it was, managed to lead these people somehow around the fancy behind the scenes bit where they load the bags into containers..the container people weren't as amused as I was...but fortunately pointed us in the direction of the terminal.

Very straight forward and airport bland for the next few moments, so like any good visualisation technique ill skip to the good bit. Well after clearing customs, we made our way to try and find this "plaza premium lounge". After circling the terminal no less than eight times, and almost giving up any hope, we found lounge, along with a nice little sign on the door that read: We are closed, feel free to call us on XXXXXX. So this left us with the rather interesting conundrum of what to do for 7 hours in an airport that any accountant who had a thing for minimalism would instantly fall in love with. After walking outside and realising that was still 30 degrees, and that I was still wearing jeans we gave up on the "lets go for a walk around the airport area" idea pretty quick.

And so, we found ourselves along with 100 of our nearest and dearest backpacker friends hunting down shady spots in the terminal (and getting rather territorial might i add), to attempt to try and get some sleep.

So now, we are back at the bus station, preparing for our real journey to begin, and not entirely sure of what city we'll be staying in tonight but we'll keep you posted if/ when we find out ourselves. (Given our complete lack of sleep you might not hear from us till Monday)

Oh yes, and one last piece of wisdom, time zones suck. Like really suck. Like we thought we had two 1 hour flights going from Bali-KL-Vientiane. Turns out they are both 3+ hours... hehe one of us is kicking themselves they didnt upgrade themselves for the extra $4 for extra legroom but well let u guess who that is.......

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