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That nostalgic, looking into the mirror blog.... 04.02.2010
Government Intervention and Black-market Shorts.. 02.02.2010
Planes, Trains and 1960's automobiles 29.01.2010
Illegal taxi's, police escorts and losing my passport.. 29.01.2010
Hamiltron - City of the future since 1896 15.01.2010
Eeskha the bike's tyre is in flames! 11.01.2010
Happy Genocide Day! Whos up for Winking Murder? 07.01.2010
Drunken rampages through Russian mafia territory.. 02.01.2010
The Itchy and Scratchy Show! 28.12.2009
Christmas at Lucky Burger and Coconut Sunsets 26.12.2009
Mugged by a Coke Addict and Oh My Good Ganesh! 24.12.2009
Bed Bugs in Brothels - Part Two 23.12.2009
Bed Bugs in Brothels, and "Your Safe With Us" 22.12.2009
Scary haircuts and other trans-gender experiences 13.12.2009
Machete Backpacks and Spotting Big Bird 11.12.2009
Bathing suits for water funny!!! 09.12.2009
Kop Jai La La!!! 07.12.2009
Champa and Champi, a Laotion love story 06.12.2009
It's closed... you must be joking 04.12.2009
I thought you said Vienna, not Vientiane! 04.12.2009
Hey Everyone! 02.12.2009